Mobile Sites and Marketing

mobile-Sites-and-MarketingAlmost everyone these days owns a Smartphone, tablet or mobile device that includes an internet browser. That’s why it’s important to shift some of the attention on attracting your targeted customers or web surfers to your business with mobile websites and applications (Apps).

Mobile phones are rapidly becoming one of the most popular consumer devices to connect to the Internet in order to research products and services.

– 94% of Smartphone users have searched for local info

– 70% called a business after searching

– 66% visited in person

– 90 % of these users acted within 24 hours!

Consistent decreases in prices and the growing abilities of these products is making the Smartphone market grow quickly.  The rise of mobile search is the number one reason for your company to have a mobile ready website.

With Las Vegas Web Solutions, you can get the most appropriate mobile website designed for you to give the mobile user a pleasant experience that’s easy to navigate and that also loads quickly.

Furthermore with Las Vegas Web Solutions developing a mobile-friendly website is very affordable and most likely will be setup as a part of your website design project.  Creating a mobile-friendly form of an existing website differs from the way we build a website for desktop internet browsing.  One of the major differences is the display size and resolutions to utilize.   Although traditional website design techniques aren’t as effective, developing a mobile-friendly form of your overall website is a great investment.

We can provide you with a fully customized and ready to use website for mobile devices, which will consistently convert shoppers into sales and increases your ROI through clear, easy-to-browse inventory, click-to-call and point-to-point directions.

With Las Vegas Web Solutions it is much easier and more affordable for you to get your mobile friendly website and mobile apps.  If your business hasn’t gone mobile yet, there’s a good possibility that your competitor has, so stay ahead and get your business connected to mobile customers.