Website Design and Creation

Website Design and Creation

The function performed by a website for any business or organization cannot be overlooked in this day and age.

The internet is rapidly becoming the most important influence on our lives.  From aspects of our daily lives to business, government and entertainment the internet has it all, thus creating the necessity for having a web presence.  For any size business it has become critically important to have your own website to manage and extend your business so you will be able to share your products and services to a wider market at a reasonable cost.  Creating a professional and attractive business website has become a necessary part of being in business.

At Las Vegas Web Solutions we understand the complexities of web design, yet we pride ourselves in keeping the process as simple and uncomplicated as is humanly possible.  Of course planning and designing your website requires a sound knowledge of how to interpret your expectations and needs and presenting them to the general public or a targeted clientele in a persuasive manner… all while respecting your budget.

An essential part of the web design is obviously visual.  High quality graphics involve design concepts relevant to page design such as contrast, balance, white space, layouts and style elements.  Also included are the elements that make up the content of the site.  Some examples are illustrations, images, photographs, fonts, colors and text.

Before deciding to discuss the style of your site, you will find many other aspects to consider.  The Las Vegas Web Solutions process looks at the purpose and function of your website before we initiate the creating and designing.  We’ll walk you through the entire process of selecting the best platform, explain to you the ways to improve your own website, and set down a long-term marketing strategy to guarantee the success of your website according to your terms.

Creating a high quality website will typically involve these five actions:

Web Design (Creation)

The top-level part of the development process of an internet site is the development of a storyboard which takes your dream and puts it on paper.  By creating this “visual map” to follow through the process we are assured of creating the website you have in mind.

Web Development (Programming)

Website design and development are quite similar but differ significantly in their end result.  While design may be completed without an actual website being created, development is putting that design on the internet.  A website cannot do without either of these.  The professional and highly qualified web development services provided at Las Vegas Web Solutions are what separates us from our competitors.

Aesthetics (Appearance)

There are many factors that affect the look of  a website, one of them is especially color.  As we know, color represents and signifies certain emotions and meanings. Vibrant colors can suggest urgency and may be ideal for advertising or marketing data.  In the use of background colors, the simpler the better.  It’s also necessary to recognize the significance of the use of white space. 

High quality graphic concepts relevant to page designs as discussed earlier can “make or break” the appearance of your website.

Function (Usability)

Whenever someone is using your website, they are searching on a number of pages or layers that actually must work together to produce a look that constantly tells the story for your business.  Therefore, each page ought to be consistent in design as well as development, so the user learns quickly that your business is one they should consider.

Of course it is possible to deviate in a few aspects but if you want a professional looking website, keeping it as logical as possible while also being “user friendly’ will make it successful and effective.

Findable (Traffic)

You have heard it before: “A website without traffic is like the billboard in the middle of the desert.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful it is because no one is seeing it”.  Las Vegas Web Solutions will incorporate both short-term and long-term strategies to make sure your website has the best possible chance of being found by the people you want to see it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is of prime importance to assist your website’s traffic growth.  The more you create positive and relevant content for your website, the better your website will appear on search results pages for relevant searches.  SEO activities include creating effective content, building back links, getting involved in threads and forums talking about the services you provide and maintaining the interactions.

At Las Vegas Web Solutions, our team of professional web designers, artists and programmers are passionate about effective website design, functionality, visual appeal, user experience and mobile optimization.  We will make sure that you have the most attractive and up to date website for your business.  Call or contact us today for a complimentary review of your project.